A Carnivores Guide to Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes - Tips on Cooking for Your Vegetarian Friends

What do you cook your vegetarian guest for breakfast? With the proliferation of people choosing this lifestyle, it's a question many wrestle with these days.

Use these 5 tips and pleasantly surprise your house guest with delicious vegetarian breakfast recipes that show how much you care.

1. Have your guest define what kind of vegetarian they are. There is more than one type? Indeed there is. For example, I eat fish, seafood and a little dairy. Some of my friends assume I don't eat fish because I define myself as vegetarian.

Here are some of the common types of vegetarian diets

Lacto vegetarians eat non-meat animal products. They will eat dairy, honey and cheese.

Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat eggs in addition to dairy products, but no fish or meat.

Vegans avoid anything that is produced by an animal. That means no eggs, dairy products, honey, meat, and gelatin.

Pescetarians eat a vegetarian diet with a bit of fish or seafood thrown in.

Don't assume you know what the person's dietary needs are without checking first.

2. If using packaged foods as part of the meal, it is important to check the ingredient list. Be sure to look for hidden animal ingredients such as meat or chicken broth (flavoring), gelatin (thickener derived from animal by-products), casein (a protein in milk), whey (byproduct of cheese production used as a food additive), as well as lactose (milk sugar).

3. Don't just leave out the sausage and bacon. Although not a such a problem at breakfast where eggs can be used for the ovo-vegetarian, be sure to include a source of protein for your guest. Beans or tofu can be substituted as well as one of the many meat substitutes found in most grocery stores.

4. Remember not to cook the veggie part of the meal with the same pan and utensils used in preparing meat. Be sure not to undo your hard work by cooking your Tofu Scramble in the same skillet you just used to fry up the bacon.

5. The most important tip, don't be intimidated by the prospect of coming up with a vegetarian breakfast recipe simple enough for you to prepare but tasty enough to wow the vegetarian in your life. There are tons of amazing meatless dishes out there.

Whether you decide to create something from scratch or pick up one of the many easy to prepare options are available in most local supermarkets your vegetarian friend will thank you.

Choosing a vegetarian lifestyle isn't about eliminating foods from your diet, rather it's about opening up a whole new culinary experince.

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