Sizzling Pav Bhaji - A Delectable Indian Cuisine

(serves 3) Preparation time: about 35 minutes

Pav bhaji is actually one of the favourite street foods in India, specially in the city of Mumbai. It is usually considered as a snack but can be treated as a complete meal too since it is quite satisfying with heaps of vegetables added to it. It's even included in the list of junk foods because it has loads of butter! But if you want a healthier version of the cuisine skip adding butter to the gravy when serving and have plain bread instead of buttered bread.



3 big potatoes,

50 gms. cauliflower (separate the florets),

1 tbsp. sliced french beans (optional),

50 gms. green peas,

1/3 cup very finely chopped capsicum

about 3 tbsps. butter

½ tbsp. oil

salt to taste

Seasoning (Dry masalas)

1 tsp. Kashmiri red chilli paste (optional),

1 ½ tsp. red chilli pdr.,

½ tsp. + 1 pinch turmeric pdr.,

1 ½ or 2 tbsp. pav bhaji masala (adjust as per your taste. If you prefer spicier add more)

1 medium sized onion (finely chopped), 3 big tomatoes (finely chopped)

1 tsp. ginger paste, 1 ½ tsp. garlic paste, 1 green chilli paste, 6-7 curry leaves

Garnishing: 1 finely chopped onion (small), 2 tbsps. chopped coriander, 1 lime, a big dollop of butter

about 6 Pavs (Indian bread) (If you don't have pav use bread instead)

pav bhaji masher or ladle


1. Boil all the vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, beans, peas but not the capsicum) in some water with a pinch of turmeric and 2 tsps. salt. Mash with a pav bhaji masher or the back of a ladle. Keep aside.

2. Heat oil and 2 tbsps. butter in a pan, add the ginger, garlic and green chilli paste and sauté for a minute.

3. Now add the onions and sauté till they become transparent.

4. Add the capsicum and sauté for a minute.

5. Put the Kashmiri red chilli paste and sauté for ½ a minute.

6. Add the dry masalas (red chilli pdr., turmeric pdr. and pav bhaji masala) and stir to combine.

7. Add curry leaves and tomatoes and sauté to mix everything. Let cook on slow flame for about 10 minutes till the gravy becomes slightly dry and the oil leaves the sides of the pan. Remove from flame. Mash this well with a pav bhaji masher/ a ladle.

8. Now add the boiled vegetables to the above gravy and stir well. Again mash this with the pav bhaji masher/ a ladle in order to mix all the ingredients properly. Add about 1 cup of water to make the consistency appropriate. Add more water if required. Add some salt.

9. Let cook for about 15 to 20 more minutes to combine all the ingredients. Check seasoning.

10. Add some water if the gravy seems thick.

11. Serve hot garnished with chopped coriander, chopped onions, a blob of butter and a dash of lime.

12. When serving, slice the pavs (bread) horizontally, apply butter on both sides and heat on a tawa or a non-stick pan for ½ a minute on each side. Serve hot with the pav bhaji gravy.

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