Weight Reduction With a Vegetarian Diet Plan

Vegetables can help to reduce the weight, only if a proper vegetarian diet plan is followed, as the calories should be considered in that particular vegetable. People who only eat vegetables, and are diet conscious are of various types. There is a group of vegans, who include dairy food with vegetables in their diet plan; whereas, another group uses seafood along with vegetables. Similarly, some people like only dry fruits, seeds, as well as nuts. Similarly, semi vegetarians eat both meat, and vegetables.

People who follow a strict diet plan use foods, which are lower in calories, and that's why they only take foods from plant sources. But, always keep in mind that it's not necessary that low fat foods are healthy as well, because they can be less nutritious as compared to other foods. Many experts make a menu with calories below 1500, but the food is well-balanced with fibers, and other nutrients. In the absence of dairy food you can have soy yogurt, and soy milk which is rich in minerals as well as vitamins.

The proper way of selection is that, if you want to replace certain foods than replace it with a same type as fruits for fruits, vegetables for vegetables, and grains for grains. Moreover, it should be taken in equal quantity. The whole plan consists of breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner.

Vegetarian diet plan including good nutrition


It includes one apple, or a pear, a cup of oatmeal, and a cup of skimmed milk.

Lunch: it includes green salad mixed with either a tablespoon of vinegar, or fresh lemon, or the vinegar can be raspberry, or balsamic. Besides, it should also have a fruit salad. Whereas in the afternoon, you can take low fat yogurt.

Dinner: it includes one third cup of tomato sauce with a mixture of both whole wheat, and regular pasta. Similarly, you can take one cup of broccoli with orange juice.

Moreover, you can also add evening snacks in your diet plan, so that you do not feel tired after a day's work. And for this purpose you can have one forth cup of salsa, one third cup of dip made with beans, and eight tortilla chips in baked form. For flavor you can add one, or two cinnamon sticks to any cereal, and garlic to tomato sauce, similarly mint leaves in fresh form mixed with salad of any kind.

But, you should always keep one thing in mind that any diet plan can be effective if you remain patient, and continue it as long as you get your desired weight. You can also make your own diet plan after doing some research on the internet, but in that case you should consider the calories of vegetables which you are going to eat. With a little effort a good shaped body is possible, especially if you also do some daily workouts along with low cal food. So, by following the given vegetarian diet plan, you can reduce weight depending on how consistent you are.

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