What Is Greek Yogurt - How to Make Greek Yogurt At Home

We know that there are several types of yogurts which come in different tastes and flavors. But what is Greek Yogurt and how does it differ from regular yogurt? Well, Greek Yogurt is made by straining plain yogurt in a muslin cloth or paper filter to remove the whey from the yogurt. This type of yogurt therefore has a thicker consistency between that of regular yogurt and cheese, although it retains the distinct sour taste of plain yogurt.

The milk from which the yogurt is prepared is normally boiled thoroughly to extract some of the water. The milk is also made thicker by adding thickening agents if required. This yogurt normally has a higher content of live and active culture present in it than regular yogurt.

How to Make Greek Yogurt At Home

You can prepare Greek Yogurt at home with the normal ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

1. Take two cups of low-fat, plain yogurt.

2. Strain the yogurt using cheese cloth or paper towels for about two to three hours.

3. After straining, add vanilla and sweetener to the mix. Use maple syrup or honey as sweetener.

4. Store in a refrigerator. It stays fresh for several days.

5. Serve the yogurt as topping for fresh fruit. Add cocoa or cinnamon for flavor.

Starting with two cups of yogurt, you can have about 8 servings. This is a much healthier alternative as a tasty topping when compared to whipped cream. If you want a swirly topping, add chocolate or strawberry sauce and mix it a little.

If you wish to have a good energy breakfast, granola and Greek Yogurt are a great combination. If you want a tasty dipping sauce for citrus fruits, strawberries or your chocolate cookies, you can again use homemade yogurt. Another great morning or evening meal is yogurt mixed with three pairs of walnut halves and one tablespoon of natural honey.

For people on a weight loss regimen, Greek Yogurt is a great choice. It comes packed with proteins and keeps you feeling full, helping you cut down on the quantity of food intake. It also has a lower fat content, which again helps greatly in cutting down weight.

Making Greek Yogurt a regular part of your diet can make you stay healthy and lose excess weight. It also provides you with a long list of tasty dishes to add to your repertoire.

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