What Led to Use Of Hydroponics Systems in Green Houses

Did you ever notice that the market nearest to your house has equal number of racks dedicated to tinned food and fresh vegetables? Yes, this is the outcome of an age where no one has the time to stop and think. Therefore, no one seems to notice that fresh vegetables and fruits are the outcome of synthetic additives being extensively used in farming practices. In the past decade, the age old practice of growing vegetables in private kitchen gardens had lost its popularity. This was due to an increase in the number of high rise buildings.

More and more people started living in apartments or flats that did not provide the space required for gardening. Fast lives and busy schedules slowly converted the lifestyle of urban masses and therefore today, the harmful effects of fertilizers and chemical pesticides have come as an eye opener for everyone. Yes, people have been forced to stop and take note of the various effects of fertilizer residues found in the so called 'fresh' vegetables and fruits.

The Crisis and Its Solution: Green Revolution

Scientists and food experts claim that nitrate compounds found in these fruits and vegetables have been found to cause cancer and other disorders like the Blue Baby Syndrome. They immediately suggested the many advantages of using organic vegetables. To be very precise, organic vegetables are developed under controlled natural conditions and do not use any fertilizer or pesticides to promote plant growth. This advancement came as a great boon for the common man.

It brought back the popularity of vegetables and fruits grown in private gardens, as organic vegetables are essentially produced in a similar manner. The only difference between kitchen gardening and present day organic food production practice lies in the fact that natural conditions are created in the latter. Yes, organic vegetables are produced in green houses, that optimize all natural conditions required for plant growth.

Sunlight is trapped to enhance the warmth inside the green house and moisture is provided to the plants using humidifiers or hydroponics systems. In America, home green house kits are made available to families who want to build their own green house, and produce fruits and vegetables in them. These kits come with the necessary requirements to set up hydroponics systems in your green house. You only need to make sure that you install the green house according to the steps mentioned in the guidelines.

Hydroponics systems are easy to maintain and highly used in most green house systems in America. It uses a gutter-rack system that channelizes the water to the roots of the plants in those racks. So if you are planning to go green, the right way, then fetch yourself a green house kit, that is updated with an easy to use hydroponics system.

If you are looking to purchase a well planned green house kit that incorporates hydroponics systems, then UrbanFoodFarms.com may be the right solution for all your needs.

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