The Easy Way to Make Raw Organic Almond Milk at Home

Raw Organic Almond Milk Made Easy

Have you ever woken up in the morning only to discover that when you went to your refrigerator your milk container was empty? I want to share with you how incredibly easy it is to make your own milk at home using raw organic almonds. Almond milk has no cholesterol and is free of sodium which both contribute to excellent heart health! Raw organic almond milk contains fifty percent of the daily recommended allowance of vitamin E which promotes healthy skin complexion, as well as supporting normal brain function.

The following is an easy step by step process that will help you learn how convenient it is to make raw organic almond milk from the comfort of home. Raw organic almond milk is so easy to make and adds vital nutrients to anyone's diet, providing you with energy and whole food nutrition to sustain your energy levels throughout the day!

You will need to go to a grocery store which carries raw organic almonds. Many health food stores carry a wide variety of organic foods. In my experience it is always a good idea to purchase a few pounds of raw organic almonds to keep in your cupboard. This will cut down on the amount of shopping trips to the grocery stores. It is nice to be well stocked with almonds for several weeks, depending on how much milk you and your family consume.

For the process of making almond milk at home, you only need five items. Raw organic almonds, a blender, a mixing bowl, one liter of purified water, and a nylon mesh bag that will be used to pour the blended almond milk through to strain out the almond pulp at the very end.

The first thing to do is take a cup and a half of raw organic almonds and place them into a bowl to soak. I prefer to start soaking my almonds right before I go to bed at night because they take up to eight hours to soak until they are ready to be blended into milk. The next morning when you go into your kitchen you will need to drain the soaking water out of the almonds and then be sure to rinse them with water a couple of times. The next step is to take the soaked, drained and rinsed almonds and place them into a blender. Once they are in the blender you then add one liter of purified water and blend until the mixture appears creamy in color, like milk! The last step in making raw organic almond milk at home is to place your nylon mesh bag into a mixing bowl and then slowly pour the almond and water mixture inside of the mesh bag. In order to prevent the almond pulp from getting into the strained milk you need to be careful as you are pouring the mixture through the nylon mesh bag so that it will not spill over the edges of the mesh bag as the almond pulp is being strained from the milk. This will ensure you have creamy almond milk, without granules of almond pulp. Then when the entire blend has been poured into the nylon mesh bag as it rests inside the mixing bowl, you can now carefully, holding from the top of the mesh bag, start to gently lift up the bag of milk. As you start lifting the bag up you will need to use your other hand to start slowly and gently squeezing while straining the milk through the bag while the almond pulp is being separated from the milk. Sometimes I will rotate sides of the mesh bag as I am squeezing the milk through. This will ensure you get the most milk for your money! Finally, once you have strained the milk from the pulp, you are ready to pour the raw organic almond milk into a pitcher and enjoy!

Raw organic almond milk has many health benefits. From being loaded with fifty percent of your daily value of vitamin E; supporting normal brain function and promoting healthy skin complexion, to being cholesterol and sodium free for a healthy heart! Making your own in the comfort of your home is so easy and convenient! By following these simple instructions, you are sure to wake up in the mornings with only a few easy steps that are simple, quick and make certain you've got healthy raw organic almond milk in your refrigerator for your enjoyment. Once you do you will feel wonderful knowing you are consciously choosing to support you and your family's health and nutritional needs!

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