19 Reasons To Turn Vegan

Many of your friends out there must have given you a million reasons why you shouldn't turn vegan. The lustrous meat and all those lovely dishes that your Mom prepares in her kitchen must be so difficult to give up on. But it is not at all impossible. Here we come up with 19 good reasons to turn vegan and to give a permanent farewell to that rapacious diet you had been following. The top of the top reasons to turn vegan are here. So go on reading and strengthen your morale.

(1) The U. S. Food and Drug Administration considers vegan diet as the healthiest diet ever.

(2) Meat that is charred contains substances that cause cancer.

(3) Cows have a life span of at least 20 years or more. But are slaughtered at the age of 5 or 6 years.

(4) Veganism is against smoking and smoking is injurious to health.

(5) People who are vegans don't have to face any cholesterol issues whatsoever.

(6) Vegans tend to live for at least 7 years more than an average non-vegan.

(7) Only 2% of the total vegan population in America are obese.

(8) Fast foods like burgers and pizzas not only make you gain weight, but hardly give you any energy. They also contain substances that cause addiction towards them.

(9) The leather made to furnish the interior of a Mercedes-Benz is prepared after slaughtering at least 7 cows.

(10) Vegans abstain from products that are tested on animals.

(11) No one can justify animal slaughtering by using a term called "ethical killing"? Animal slaughtering is just inhuman and can't be justified.

(12) 25% of global warming is due to deforestation for excessive farming.

(13) We humans are the only animals in the world who drink milk even after infancy. Although, we don't really require it.

(14) Beekeepers take all the honey away after destroying a honeycomb. Bees require at least some honey to survive. As a result, they die.

(15) The pork you eat comes from pigs. These pigs are more intelligent than even a dog, yet are used for food.

(16) Compare the prices of steak and tofu. Tofu is not just more reasonable, but also it's a lot more healthier.

(17) The milk we consume can cause asthma and other such respiratory diseases. In addition, it also causes acne and promotes excessively oily skin.

(18) Non-organic food increases the amount of cholesterol in the body. Cholesterol, in the long run, can result in impotence.

(19) Calves are taken away from their own mothers soon after birth so that they don't drink their milk.

Show these to the next person who tries to tempt you towards non-vegan food.

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