Romantic Vegetarians Must Be Sensual Too

When you want to make a good impression on someone, it is a great idea to reinforce it by associating a positive experience of yourself with as many different ways of engaging the senses as possible. Food is no exception, but food isn't just about taste -- it can easily engage all the senses, and that can easily be turned to your advantage in the world of dating and romance.

Food serves a fundamental purpose - it is essential for life. When Maslow created his hierarchy of human needs, food and water comes right after "air" and well ahead of sexual intimacy. Unfortunately, because it is an everyday thing, and usually something in abundance in the Western World it is easy to start to take it for granted, or just to look at it as "body fuel".

That's a bit of a paradox; you take something for granted even though it is essential to your existence. If you were rational about it, you would cherish something so precious. You would relish every second that you have the benefit of food, and eating would become a true pleasure rather than merely a bodily function. When you start to view food from that perspective, you can see how important sharing food with someone is, and how good it should make them feel that you are sharing food, and time with them - and that is why food and drink is so fundamental to the whole process of dating.

Sharing anything is a demonstration of your generosity, it shows your capacity for abundance, but sharing food and drink is something very special in human evolution - it goes back to the dawn of man acting as a social beast, and mankind acting in communities; meeting at the watering hole, gathering around the fire and feasting on the day's kill, sheltering in the cave and so forth. A primal thing.

The Sensual Diner:

Just as there is more to food than merely providing energy and nutrition, there are more ways to experience it than merely through "taste". Obviously taste is the obvious one, but good food can engage all five senses:


By engaging as many of the senses as possible, the more thorough the experience - in fact this can be so strong, some people feel it happens not just in real life, but in our imaginations too - and that can be readily employed to a guy's advantage in the courtship ritual.

In fact, food can make quite an impact on someone well ahead of the first bite and the first mouthful. Whenever you go to one of those Japanese restaurants where you sit around the chef and see him prepare the food, you know what I mean. You get to see and hear the food being chopped, smell it as it cooks, sometimes even hear it cooking, and then feel it and taste it in the mouth. You don't need to be an expert chef or even put on a culinary performance, but just choose to make food (or even just order it in a restaurant) that can engage as many of the senses as much as possible.

Look for food that has the following attributes:

Variety of colours, or a strong distinctive single colour
An aroma that can be appreciated well in advance of the food reaching the mouth
An audible element - think breakfast cereals that Snap, Crackle and Pop, evolving in grown-up dining to things like sizzling fajita fillings arriving at the table, crepes being fried up at the table, fondue plopping and bubbling in a miniature cauldron
A physical sensation on contact with the body. The obvious idea here is textures that are memorable - hard crunchy food, like roast vegetables, or combination's of hard crusts and soft fillings like pies and solid and liquid like pasta and sauces, but don't forget temperatures that cause a sensation too (would ice cream and smoothies really be as much fun if they were served at body temperature?).
Distinctive taste - last, but hardly least. Much processed modern food doesn't really have a thorough taste, unless it is artificially enhanced, and that may sometimes go against you if it appears cheap and nasty.

Vegetarian food is particularly sensual as it has many colours, textures and sounds when being prepared - think of chopping carrots, onions or aubergine and the smells from the oven or pan from herbs and spices on sauces and roasting vegetables. Tick as many sensation boxes as possible, and hopefully you will be ticking her boxes too.

If you think that music is the food of love, then play on - but if you think that food is the food of love then Bon Appetite! Romantic food is a great dating resource, and at you can find out more on its place in the dating arena. From making great coffee to choosing wines and cutlery it can be a tricky business, but help is at hand.

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