Why Is The Hamilton Beach 67650 Such a Popular Juice Extractor?

The Hamilton Beach: Powerful, Fast and Efficient.

The Hamilton Beach 67650 Juice Extractor is a Powerful, Fast and Efficient Juice Extractor that is a joy to use.

It is powerful, fast and efficient


The BigMouth has a powerful 1.1-hp motor and is very fast. It is also very stable on the counter top and the only precaution is against drips. Just put a cloth or kitchen towel under the spout to catch drips when the container is removed.

Fast and Efficient

This appliance has a very wide feeding opening, which is why it is called BigMouth. Whole fruit can be pushed down this opening.

The process of juice extraction is fast and efficient as outlined in the following three steps.

1. From the opening the food is pushed onto a fast-moving spinning blade where it is pulped.

2. The juice is then extracted through centrifugal action, strained and poured into a container.

3. The leftover pulp is ejected into a removable pulp bin.

The process is fast and the appliance is capable of processing a large amount of produce in a short time during which the pulp bin is emptied from time to time.

Successes and failures

This extractor does a great job of making vegetable juice, as vegetables are generally hard and fibrous.

More fibrous fruit like pears and apples that are firmer, more fibrous and less mushy make the best juice leaving very little pulp behind.

Juicing soft fruit like bananas or soft, thin-skinned fruit such as peaches or berries might give better results in a blender.

It seems that one has to be sensible about what one uses in this juice maker, taking into consideration what it can and cannot do

It is easy to clean. .

The BigMouth juice maker is provided with a cleaning brush to thoroughly remove all pieces of fiber from the blade and straining surfaces. All its removable parts are dishwasher safe.

It is well made and a joy to use

This juice extractor is solidly built and has a couple of features worthy of note.

The blade and mesh strainer is made of stainless steel for durability.

There are two locking lid catches and these are die-cast and strong and not easy-to-break plastic.

The person operating.the Hamilton Beach 67650 enjoys using it, because it is so easy, fast and efficient to use. It is not a messy and makes good juice.

It is very rewarding to produce homemade juices that add nutritional value it the family diet.

Fresh juices last in the fridge in sealed containers for up to three days.

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