How to Include More Greens in Your Diet

For those of us who have been brought up eating lots of red meat at almost every meal, the thought of a meatless dish is unfathomable. But it can be done. There are many health benefits of eating more greens and less meat.

Here's how you can do this.

1. Once a week vegetarian

Pick one day of the week where you go vegetarian. It doesn't have to be bland. Look up recipes on the internet or create your own with whatever vegetables are in season. Use lots of mushrooms which have a chunky meaty texture to cheat your taste buds.

2. Eat a green salad everyday

Make this a habit and once you're used to it, you won't feel good if you haven't eaten your salad.There are lots of salads you can make with for example red and green cabbage, lettuce, rocket, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, cucumber, avocados, peppers, beetroot and so on.

The more color the salad has, the better.

3. Juice them up

Get yourself a juicer and make yourself delicious vegetable juices. That way you get nature's goodness straight into your system. The only work you do is buy and clean the vegetables. No cutting is involved. Imagine some cool carrot juice first thing in the morning. Your health will certainly improve by doing this.

4. Buy them frozen

If prepping vegetables puts you off eating the, the just get them frozen and ready to steam. There are a huge variety to choose from so stock up. Just make sure to not overcook them as you don't want to lose the goodness.

5. Grow them in your backyard

Why not consider vegetable gardening as a hobby. There's nothing as satisfying as planting seeds into the ground and watching them grow into plump fresh vegetables. You'll have no choice but to eat them. Honestly,what beats getting vegetables from your garden to cook. Anyone can learn how to do this. Search the internet or visit a garden center near you for tips.

6. Add frozen vegetables to meat dishes

When you cook a meat dish, just throw in some frozen vegetables just a few minutes before the dish is cooked. For example, when cooking a chicken stew, add some broccoli, with scrambled eggs add some carrots, with mashed potatoes add some peas and cabbage. You can also add frozen vegetables to your rice. Just be creative with this, as long as with each meal there are vegetables.

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